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At Total QSR, we understand the importance of having your commercial kitchen refrigeration systems ready and functional at all times.

Any breakdown or fault with your fridges, freezers or cold rooms can cause significant downtime and potential loss of valuable food product. We offer a comprehensive commercial refrigeration repair service, tailored to the specific needs of your kitchen. From scheduled refrigeration repairs and services to 24/7 responses in the event of a breakdown, our engineers are ready to assist when you need them the most.

How do I know when my refrigerator needs repairing?

There are a number of giveaways when it comes to a faulty refrigerator, and if you check yours regularly then you should be able to catch signs of trouble before they escalate. Below are some of the most recognisable signs of a damaged or broken commercial refrigerator:

  • Food is warm, or frozen food is defrosting

  • There are no signs of the fan running – usually this will be audible

  • Unpleasant aroma when you open the refrigerator doors

  • Adjusting the thermostat makes no difference to the temperature

  • There is a build-up of frost inside the refrigerator

  • Excess condensation

There are a number of other tell-tale signs that can mean your commercial refrigerator is damaged – and not all will be obvious to the untrained eye. If you’re unsure, why not give us a call? Our team of experts are happy to help and can be out to you in less than 24 hours to assess and rectify any issues.


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